Just by doing one very simple change on your hair, you will look like a brand new person. Women tend to underestimate the power of the hair part! You don’t even have to visit a hair salon to achieve a trailblazing hairdo. No styling tools, braids or extra accessories. Finding the right ways to part your hair is not as hard as you think. These 5 stylish ideas will help you stand out in the crowd.

Classic Middle Part

You simply can’t go wrong when choosing a middle part. It is a staple of many iconic ladies in history. This year, the advice of celebrity hairstylists is to keep the part in the middle, and the hair super-sleek and smooth. You can add that extra shine by using a product that helps with frizz and a fine comb. This is such a stylish way to part your hair this winter. It was actually a huge thing in Hollywood back in the 70s. The good news is that the middle parting is flattering for all face shapes. Go ahead and give it a try!

Side Part

If you’ve been a fan of middle parts all your life, it’s about time you try a different one. The stylish side-parted hairstyle works wonders for short, long, straight or curly hair types. For most ladies, this comes as a natural part, just the way their mane falls more on a certain side. Use only your fingers to create the coolest voluminous hairdo with a side part. It will perfectly compliment your facial features!

Deep Side Part

This is where things get interesting. Ditch the parts that everyone seems to be wearing and step onto the bolder side. By flaunting a deep side parting, you will have the most fashionable hairdo right now. Ladies with thin hair will love it since it gives that nice illusion of extra volume. It’s eye-catching, dramatic and glamorous.

Diagonal Part

Yes, a diagonal part does exist and it’s a huge thing among stars. Amp up your mane game by including one of the trendiest ways to part your hair. It’s actually as simple as it sounds. You can do a diagonal line from the left to the right, or the opposite way. It works even better when your hairdo is in a smooth parted updo.

Zig-Zag Part

The beloved part from the ’90s is making a comeback. There was a time when everyone wanted to flaunt this crazy parting line. There is a huge advantage of the zig-zag part all ladies would love to hear about. If your roots are a bit grown in, this type of part will help you conceal them in a very strategic way.