The hair is an important part of the face that enhances beauty. A proper and regular care of the hair gives the effect of a healthy and well-nourished hair. During winter or too sunny weather, the hair has the tendency to be hard, frisky and untidy. Getting the right shampoo to nourish the hair can be difficult. An oil based shampoo is a perfect remedy to rejuvenate the hair, keep it silky, shiny creamy, and nourished.

When we met

I got to use the Dove nourishing oil care shampoo at my friend’s house during a sleep over. The most amazing thing is my frizzy and unruly hair straightened out after I used the shampoo. I instantly loved Dove shampoo. The tall, slim shape of the bottle, the white backdrop with minimal words and colour, and the yellow golden click open swing lid were a big plus too.

The non-greasy formula in the Dove natural oil shampoo does not weigh the hair down. The shampoo has a soft smell and a shining look after every wash. It is also suitable for sensitive, itchy or flaky scalps.  The shampoo has an opaque, creamy consistency with a yellow, shimmery look. It foams up easily without leaving the scalp dry. It also cleans the scalp effectively without leaving any sebum remnants or sticky residue like other shampoos which causes itchiness and flaking.

About the formula

The Dove natural oil shampoo is a non-greasy formula with Weightless Nutri-Oils that treats dry and frizzy hair. It also contains natural almond and mineral oils that readily nourishes and replenish essential nutrients that might be lacking in your regular meals or hair cream. The shampoo moisturizes the hair to the root of the hair. A continuous use smoothens up to 100% of hair roughness and controls frizz and unruly hair leaving the hair healthier. It also leaves the hair shiny, silky and soft.

The Dove Nourishing oil shampoo serves as a source of hydration. It also has an accompanying conditioner which keeps the hair smooth and free from tangles, without leaving much residue.

In applying the shampoo, wet your hair a little with water and lavishly apply a considerable amount of the shampoo into the hair. Thus, creating a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly and use with the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner or any conditioner of your choice for better result.

For people with extra dry hair, another way of using the Dove nourishing oil care shampoo is to apply the Dove shampoo into your hair and wear a satin bonnet or shower cap to absorb the nutrients of the shampoo into your hair. Leave for 10-20 minutes and rinse off. After washing, the shampoo gives the effect of a clean hair without drying it out. It leaves the hair feeling smooth, soft, shiny and healthy. Another aftermath of the shampoo is the fresh aroma it leaves when completely dried.

In case of any irritation, dryness or itchiness, consult a doctor or stop using with immediate effect.

I also opted for the dove nourishing oil care shampoo because it is very affordable, has a lovely fragrance and almost tropical smell.


I would greatly recommend this shampoo to everyone after hair growth especially those with frizzy and unruly hair. Although I would prefer a flat cap (which is similar to the conditioner bottle) so the bottle can be turned upside down to get all the products out.