Originality is one of the main attributes of the SNP Dragon Mask. Formulated to relieve redness, nourish and reverse the signs of premature aging, this rich in vitamins Korean sheet mask claims to be enhanced results due to its special ingredient: coconut milk.

Nevertheless, what really caught my attention was its original presentation and concept. The SNP Dragon Mask transforms you into a Dragon Lady from head to toe, or at least from forehead to chin.  The mask comes with the drawing of a dragon to help you get into character. Of course, I needed to prove it A.S.A.P.

But first, I did some homework:

South Korea is one of the leading countries in the skin care industry. The appreciation of fresh, younger-looking skin, wrinkle-free with uniform color, is the wish of every boy and every girl. That is why companies such as SNP develop whitening formulas thought to reestablish the skin’s natural balance.

Also, the SNP Dragon Mask has a high content of coconut water that helps rehydrate your skin while providing nutrients and vitamins essential to accelerate cellular regeneration.  It also contains Japanese Knotweed, Licorice root extract, Green Tea Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Chestnut Extract, Pomegranate extract and many other plants and herbs whose refreshing properties are well-known for tightening and brightening up your skin.

My experience:

According to the instructions, the SNP Dragon Soothing Sheet should be applied as any other face mask, letting it work for 10-20 minutes.

This mask has a-lot of serum, which is a good thing but try to open the SNP Dragon Mask package carefully to prevent spills. Once it’s on your face, you will immediately start to feel a cooling, soothing, and tightening sensation.

Overall, it is an excellent purchase. Not only because of the funny Dragon amusement aspect, but most importantly because of the mask’s ingredients. Korean skin-care products are famous exactly for experiences like this one. I felt an instant improvement in my skin.

Would I purchase it again?

Yes! I will definitely purchase an SNP Dragon Soothing mask again. I think the one thing that could get in the way of me buying another one, is my interest in buying the other SNP sheet masks: an anti-wrinkle Tiger, a moisturizing Otter, and a whitening PANDA! Can’t wait to try one of those.  Also, I was pleased to learn that SNP donates a percentage of their profits to Korea’s Animal Protection Society!

The SNP Dragon Mask will make you feel powerful and rejuvenated while leaving you with silky, glowing skin in the process. What more could you ask for?