The right toner can do so much justice for your highlighted hair. This product will make sure that the new hair color turns out just the way you wanted. It gets the best out of the base hue, without reflecting any previous hair changes. It means that you are getting the exact same shade that you choose. Plus, it boosts that gorgeous, alluring shine that we all want. But scoring the best toner is not an easy job, especially if you are not a professional. Here are some of the factors you should consider before you go out shopping.

Find The Right Color

This is one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make when choosing the right toner. Different hair colors should be treated with different shades of toner. Make sure to first consider the undertone of the hair and highlights before purchasing. The golden rule is that the toner hue should be completely contrasting to the one of the highlighted hair. Grab the color wheel scheme and you’ll know exactly what you need. Women with red, orange and yellow hues, can tone with blue. Neutralize green and blue undertones of the highlights with a red toning product.

Check The Ingredient List

Women always want only what’s best for their hair. The first step to good hair-care is quality products with good ingredients. The same thing applies to the right toner for highlighted hair. There are many brands that deliver the so-called “substance-free” products, that are gentler to the scalp. Harmful ingredients such as ammonia, alkali, and harsh chemicals can lead to rashes and itching.

Consider How Long You Want It To Stay On

Another very important factor to think of is how long you want to keep that specific hair color to last. There are toners which provide semi, demi or permanent effects. The semi-permanent option will keep it fresh for up to 14 washes. If you are interested in a demi toner, that will double the time of the new hue. Last, but not least, the permanent type. It’s an ideal option for ladies who are interested in getting a highlighted hair and want it to last long.

Talk To A Professional

It’s always a great idea to do your fair share of research and know more about what your hairstyle needs. But professionals are called that for a reason. So, if you still have any doubts on which is the right toner for your hair color, talk to a hairstylist.