Practically everyone has had a facial, but are they good for your face? Today we will reveal 16 amazing benefits of facials for your skin that you cannot miss.

But first: Facials are treatments that remove blemishes, prevent premature aging, moisturize, regenerate and tighten the skin making you feel and look fabulous. But of course, not all facials are the same or suited for any skin types. Here is a list with all the benefits you can obtain:

16 Amazing Benefits Of Facials For Your Skin

  1. It helps skin regeneration: Removing dead cells, encouraging circulation and performing deep hydration routines.
  2. Regarding deep hydration routines: As estheticians usually apply masks to close pores and nourish your dermis, softer and glowy skin is one of the most common and expected results of facials.
  3. Anti-aging effects: Looking older is a common result of poor nutrition and unhealthy habits. Additionally, collagen application during a facial treatment reduces premature aging signs such as lines of expression.
  4. It prevents clogged pores: A more beautiful skin means using less concealer and less makeup base, therefore it translates to less pore clogging.
  5. Say goodbye to saggy eyes: Similarly, the skin around your eyes receives the necessary attention and moisture, making your eyes look rested in a blink.
  6. Fresh Start: The extraction and elimination of blackheads, whiteheads, and even comedones is a fundamental step of facials. Yes, it can be somewhat uncomfortable, but it is the best way to heal your skin.
  7. In addition: With the exfoliation part, you will eliminate the dead skin cells that formed superficial scars of picking your face on a heavily stressed week.
  8. Prevention: You will also have removed the toxins, impurities and dead skin that could cause acne in the foreseeable future.
  9. Mental Health and Spiritual Healing: Taking care of yourself is always a demonstration that you are healing internally, giving you the time and attention you deserve.
  10. Relaxation: There is nothing more relaxing than a facial massage … Well, yes there is: a full body massage!
  11. Blood flow: Blood carries oxygen and massages increase circulation creating a rejuvenating effect.
  12. Cleansing: If you are regular and disciplined with the subsequent treatments of a facial, you will notice wonderful changes in the elasticity, uniformity, and smoothness of your skin.
  13. Expert advice: Are you wearing the right sunscreen? Is your skin dehydrated? Should you change your eating habits? An esthetician can detect all this just by looking at your face, ask for advice!
  14. Boost your self-confidence: Especially if you’ve battled with acne, you know how hard it is to see your face fill with blemishes and pimples. Regularly visiting the dermatologist is the safest way to end that feeling.
  15. A new habit: Once you’ve got your first facial you will be going back for another one. The treatment increases your absorption of moisturizers, and enhances the collagen effects on your skin, making you look younger and rested. Who can resist that temptation?
  16. During pregnancy: Preventing sunspots and treating pregnancy face marks are another great benefit of facials when you also follow the right hormonal treatment.