Lindsay Deep conditioning

The hair care scene is head over heels over the Lindsay Deep conditioning hair mask for oily hair. That’s why I decided to immediately take one home and see what all the fuss was about.

Deep conditioning treatments are the best to rescue a hair that has been profoundly damaged by dyes and other chemical processes that affected the follicle. Let’s say that, in my experience, the rainbow hair trend was one of those makeovers that look great on you, but once the first shampoo takes away all the initial glow you immediately start to regret it.

What should I do now?

Now, we have all tried conditioning treatments and homemade hair masks that don’t seem to fulfill their objectives. Olive oil with mayonnaise, conditioning with added capsules of Vitamin E, smashed avocado overnight… I’ve tried almost everything! Haven’t you?

However, there are innovative products like the Lindsay Deep conditioning two-phase hair mask. Equipped with a foil cap, it claims to bring luminosity and volume to your hair in only minutes. It sounds too good to be true! But it is.

How to use Lindsay Deep conditioning?

Lindsay Deep Conditioning Hair masks are very easy to use. According to the instructions, you have to shampoo your hair as you usually do, remove all the residues with running water and apply the content of the sachet all over your wet hair, spreading it evenly, especially in the tips.

Next, put on the steaming foil cap to improve the mask effects and let the formula penetrate the capillary strand for at least 20 minutes. Remember to fix the oil cap to your head using the adhesive tab that is on one of its sides. This way you will not end up with your entire back covered in the Deep conditioning product and not your hair…Been there, done that!

Lindsay Deep conditioning: My experience

Having bleached my hair to apply fantasy colors, it’s essential to moisturize your hair often. Nevertheless, having an oily scalp isn’t the best way to do it. The Lindsay Deep conditioning was the product I was looking for.

We all know that having an oily scalp means trouble, but eliminating all the oiliness needed to give flexibility to the capillary strands makes your hair become brittle. That is why Lindsay Deep conditioning restorative properties combines Tea Tree Oil and Green Tea to provide moisturizing, and Charcoal to remove impurities and toxins.

My hair has never looked cleaner and softer. Another pro is that the Lindsay Deep conditioning formula also contains minerals from Volcanic Ash that straighten your hair and nourish the scalp.


This product is designed for people with Oily hair, as it works on the scalp to fight the damage caused by sebum accumulated in the roots of your hair. Their main advantages are: Eliminating impurities, restoring balance, combating dandruff and providing shine and silkiness to your hair. Will I use it again? I would be crazy not to.