Today we are going to talk about 5 essential vitamins for healthier skin that we can find in everyday foods and cosmetic products. Understanding that beauty is the result of our habits is somewhat complicated, but over time it shows that people with better habits look younger.

Beauty begins with our body working properly. Living a stress-free life, cutting out alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, using sunscreen and moisturizers on a regular basis are essential steps to stay healthy and look your best, as is eating at least one serving of fruit each day.

Hence, a diet high in sugars, fats, and junk food consumption not only produces obesity, but also hormonal problems that result in acne, stretch marks, oily skin, and fatigue. The beauty of our younger aged years comes from an accelerated cellular regeneration and the elevated hyaluronic acid and collagen production that our body generates to protect us from the millions of falls that we’ve suffered while we are learning to walk.

Over the years all these processes slow down and begin to show signs of aging such as wrinkles, lines of expression, and loss of skin elasticity. Although aging is a natural process, reducing the speed with which our body ages is in our hands, waiting for us in our pantry.

By increasing the intake of these vitamins, you will be able to look, and feel, younger for many many years to come:

Vitamin C:

It has excellent antioxidant properties, promotes collagen production and is easy to absorb through capsules, creams, and foods. Guavas, believe it or not, are richer on vitamin C than oranges. However, there’s no need to stop drinking that delicious juice every morning. Freshly squeezed at home, don’t add sugar and you’ll be starting the day on the right foot.

Vitamin A:

Also known as retinol, Vitamin A is one of the panaceas of the fight against aging. Present in all regenerating creams, it prevents acne, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces sun exposure damage. If you want to give a retinol boost to your diet, prepare a broccoli and spinach cream or a sweet potato purée.

Vitamin E:

The most popular of the Antiaging vitamins, Vitamin E is the fundamental nutritional element for skin regeneration, as well as the growth and strength of hair and nails. Although there are many effective ways to consume Vitamin E concentrated in capsules, and topical applications, a kale omelet with olives and pine nuts will delight everyone.

Vitamin B3:

The sun… we can’t live with it, can’t live without it! What a dilemma! To clear sunspots, there is no better way than taking Vitamin B3. Fight hyperpigmentation by eating an avocado ice cream or Sunflower seeds.

Vitamin K:

If it improves circulation, it improves cellular regeneration, and the skin’s elasticity. That’s why foods rich in vitamin K, such as cabbage and cauliflower, should always be present in your diet.