Apply an ice cube on the face or anywhere else on your skin can sound like something out of an E.L. James book. However, more and more people realize the powerful effect of a simple ice cube to highlight their skin’s natural beauty.

In this article, we have prepared a list of all the benefits of an Ice Cube on Face to give you a real 5-star facial treatment from the comfort of your home.

Ice Cube On Face: 15 Amazing Beauty Benefits at home

  1. Young again: The ice cube’s cold stimulates blood circulation helping to prevent wrinkles.
  2. Prevents acne: As it reduces the production of natural skin oils, it also prevents blackheads and whiteheads.
  3. Promotes cell regeneration: especially when we have undergone a chemical peeling or some other deep exfoliation treatment.
  4. Fights dark circles: Dark circles under the eyes can be treated by placing a small cube of ice on them. This will reduce inflammation giving you a fresher appearance within minutes.
  5. Helps you with open pores: Especially during summer, applying ice packs and ice cubes is an excellent alternative to look your best.
  6. Softer skin: In the same way, tighten your skin due to the constriction of capillary vessels, thus enhancing your skin’s glow and softness.
  7. Improve your makeup results: Ice improves the absorption of moisturizers, primers and other products taking your makeup results to a whole new level.
  8. Ice reduces inflammatory processes: Instead of water put cucumber juice in the ice tray. Applying those cubes to your face can help reduce the redness and swelling of plucking eyebrows out.
  9. Help camouflage outbreaks: Applying ice before starting to use makeup will also reduce acne inflammation and redness.
  10. No more chapped lips: Applying ice to your lips will stimulate circulation helping chapped lips to heal faster.
  11. Sunburn Reliefs: But don’t apply just ordinary water ice cubes, freeze some Aloe Vera instead, and you won’t believe the results.
  12. The perfect ending to a facial: Freezing rose water is the ideal finish to a homemade facial. Try it!
  13. For anti-wrinkle treatments: It accelerates the recovery from treatments such as Peelings, Radiofrequency and other procedures that tighten the skin.
  14. It is an economical replacement of facial tonic: It fulfills the same functions for only a minimal fraction of the cost.
  15. Last minute: If you want a stunning look, but you don’t have all your makeup goodies with you, a simple ice cube melted can work as a shadow primer and improve the adhesion of your makeup base.