If you want to look gorgeous and radiant, it’s essential to maintain routines and healthy habits for perfect skin. That’s why we have prepared a list with 15 things women with perfect skin do every day, so that little by little you get to incorporate these new habits into your daily routine and enjoy flawless skin without makeup.

  1. Drinking water: Drinking sufficient water each day, around six to eight glasses, not only helps you to eliminate toxins, but it will boost your energy and immune system.
  2. Apply sunscreen: Take care of your skin using products with 50 SPF sunscreen every day.
  3. They don’t smoke: Young looking people don’t smoke, why? Because the chemicals in a cigarette, as well as the repetitive facial gestures made when smoking, can cause premature skin aging.
  4. Also, go easy on the drinks: One of the effects of drinking alcohol is dehydration and, with it, skin and hair dryness.
  5. Be gentle: Your face’s skin, particularly the skin around the eyes, is very delicate. The next time you are applying makeup or washing your face, be gentle, you are not sanding a table, you should be delicately touching your face.
  6. Know your skin type: If you have dry skin and mistakenly use products purposed for oily skin you will vanish all your natural moisture. Likewise, if you have oily skin and use products for dry skin, you could wind up increasing oiliness.
  7. They cut down Carbs: Carbohydrates and processed sugars accelerate aging and the appearance of pimples, because they decrease collagen production and therefore reduce skin’s elasticity.
  8. Wash your face every night: Always! Makeup residues are the best way to accelerate skin aging and cause acne.
  9. Sleep tight: Sleeping helps to prevent aging and promotes cellular skin regeneration.
  10. Masks are indispensable: After only one application natural masks can enhance your skin’s beauty.
  11. Clean makeup tools: Dirty brushes and makeup sponges will not only accumulate product but bacteria that can cause acne.
  12. Keep a diet rich in vitamin C and E: to increase skin elasticity, and strengthen your hair and nails.
  13. Exercise: Maintaining an exercise routine helps speed up the cellular flow of nutrients, eliminates toxins and helps to control hormonal disorders.
  14. Ice treatment: Hot water removes all the natural oils of your skin causing dryness. However, applying cold water and ice to your face improves your blood flow.
  15. Exfoliate: Enjoy a softer skin exfoliating once a week to remove dead cells and stimulate skin renewal.