It’s almost festive season, so what better way to upgrade your do than with fierce hair accessories. The latest trends suggest that the more opulent your details are, the more fashionable you’ll be. Having the same hairstyle all the time sure gets boring. So why not get creative and use some fun accessories. Plenty of women find it hard to pick ones for curly or fine hair. There are also the gals with short hairdos who always think that accessories are simply not the thing for them. Let us change your mind with these picks meant for the whole hair range.

Statement Hair Ties

You can never get enough of hair ties. They are perfect for all hair types since every gal out there works a ponytail once in a while. Even a basic long, velvet hair tie will do the job in making you look trendy. Scrunchies are the standout detail you have to know about this season.

Bobby Pins

Yes, bobby pins can elevate every single hairstyle, no matter if we’re talking about fine, thick, short or long hair. Ladies with short manes can feel free to accessorize with these cute pieces because they don’t have too many options on their list. The ones with long hair can add bobby pins on both luscious curls and updos. You can go from boss lady to party queen within seconds thanks to these accessories. Embellished and bejeweled designs are huge among popular hairstylists.


All of your favorite celebrities are obsessed with headbands. They come in a number of styles, colors, and patterns. Get ready to elevate all of your outfits thanks to a very statement headpiece. The best thing is that these accessories are suitable for all hair types. They are absolutely flattering for long and medium-length hair and a real-life savior when you are too tired to wash yours. Short dos will look so much better when decorated with a cool headband.


Hair bows of all types and styles are very much trending right now. They are the biggest detail taken straight from the high-end runways that can end up being a part of your everyday style. Small or big, vibrant or basic, you can’t go wrong. Bows come in the shape of ties, claws, clips, pins, and hairbands.

Hair Claws

Ever since Alexander Wang sent his models down the runway rocking hair claws, the whole world went crazy over this 90’s-inspired accessory. 2018 is officially the year of throwbacks, so you might even find an old, chic one from back in the day in your stash.