Dry skin is one of the most uncomfortable conditions with all the scaling, sensitivity, cracking, and itching. It occurs due to many reasons but most people think that it is caused by the weather only while many of our lifestyle choices can cause or exacerbate the condition too.  If you have dry skin, don’t just apply moisturizers. It is better to understand your condition and try the best and most specific solution for it.

Here are the top 8 reasons for dry skin.

1. Smoking:
Carbon monoxide resulting from smoking and nicotine within the cigarette reduces the amount of blood reaching your skin which means less oxygen and fewer nutrients leaving your skin pale and dry.

2. Flying Regularly:
The air in the cabin is pressurized and pressurized air sucks the moisture. If you fly on a regular basis, have a cabin-friendly moisturizer with you and apply it every few hours while flying.

3. Going on a Diet:
If you are on a die, you definitely noticed changes in your skin. That is because diets include less fat which means fewer fatty acids. Fatty acids are essential for keeping your skin hydrated so if you are going on a diet, make sure to include foods like nuts and oily fish.  

4. Getting Older:
As we get older, the process of skin cells turnover and productions of natural oil of skin slow down. Your dead skin cells remain longer causing aging signs. Try to add a Hyaluronic Acid product to your beauty routine; it is the best solution.

5. Hot water:
We all love hot showers in the winter. But the fact is hot water sucks natural oil from your skin. Natural oils for a barrier preventing water loss; hot water destroys this barrier and makes skin dehydrated.     
The best thing to do is to take a shower with lukewarm water and moisturize your skin after the shower.

6. Air Conditioners:
Staying at an air-conditioned place for a long time disturbs the balance of natural oils causing dry skin and even more dangerous skin conditions.  If you have to stay at an air-conditioned place, get out for a while every few hours and let your skin breathe.

7. Alcohol:
Too much alcohol makes our kidneys remove extra water from our bodies which makes use dehydrated. Drink a glass of water while taking your alcoholic drink to compensate for the water you are going to lose.

8. Lightweight Moisturizers:
It is better to switch to a heavy moisturizer during the winter instead of your lightweight one because cold weather is all about drying your skin out.