Soap and Glory have instantly become a star product for Canadians, though it started off from the UK. In contrast to other scrubs, Soap and Glory scrub lathers up well when applied on the skin. This makes it a kind of scrub and body-wash hybrid product. In reference to its impact on the skin, the scrubber leaves a smooth and nice impression. Soap and Glory is a good scrub, excellent for daily and regular use, the fragrance is superb and it subdues the dead cells on the skin without being too abrasive or harsh.

Soap and Glory has a distinctive fresh scent and cleans with a strong indication of mint and citrus ingredient that leaves the skin with a great smell. The pink, cute microbeads moderately exfoliate, leaving the skin with a tingly and amazingly smooth and soft feeling all at once. You can observe an instant change in your skin texture once you are out of the shower, giving your skin a lasting feeling usually till the next day.

Product Description

Soap & Glory Scrub comes in the customary retro, pink, gel-like texture in a thick tube with exfoliating microbeads throughout. It is supplemented with white sugar, brown sugar, mango butter, vitamin E, and apricot kernel oil.  It instantly forms lather when rubbed together, creating the right amount of lather to clean the body, it also washes clean easily. A small amount of the product is needed to cover the whole body while using it. Soap and Glory the Scrub of Your Life is packaged in a beautiful pink compressible tube. This makes it appear lovely, hygienic and easy to use. The exfoliate itself is perfumed with fresh jasmines, rose, strawberry, oakmoss, mandarin, amber, bergamot, woody notes, and peach. Essentially the product has that timeless and elegant Soap and Glory scent which is well known and loved. In reference to the composition, the product is plain in texture and contains pink particles when squeezed out from the tube. It’s foamy, fantastically fresh, thick, and stuffed sufficiently with the right amount of scrubbing microbeads.

How to Use

A handful of the Soap and Glory scrub is required to cover the whole body. Wet all through the body in the shower, turn the water off when you are done, squeeze a handful of the product out, and apply gently but thoroughly. Scrub very well and soap up till you attain a level of satisfaction, then rinse your body thoroughly. Once Soap and Glory the scrub is opened, it should be used within 24 months. However, keep well away from abraded, sensitized, or otherwise irritated skin, also keep away you’re your eyes. In the event of such a mishap, rinse instantly with clean water.

Product Review

Soap and Glory the scrub of your life received a number of positive reviews, some of which are highlighted below:

  • I pretty much love all Soap and Glory products as this brand doesn’t disappoint. The product is a great exfoliate without being too harsh and rough the skin. It makes my skin to feel moisturized and soft after use. I certainly would recommend this product!
  • The first time I squeezed out a little bit of the tube I became worried this could be a rough exfoliate, but as I applied gently on my skin, the fineness of the product’s texture became really obvious. It offers a really good, and not rough scrub with the base moderately loose to make spreading around very easy.


  • I’ve always adored Soap and Glory products especially this scrub product which I have been making use of for almost four years now. Although I only make use of it once in a week, it gives my skin a kind of recharge anytime I use it and the fragrance of the product is absolutely divine. The exfoliate isn’t too harsh, this makes it good for application on my skin and it keeps it polished and smooth.


Pros: – The best super-smoothing butter for the body.

  1. Astonishing moisture foam composition.
  2. Makes rough elbows instantly silky.
  3. Dry shins become incredulously sparkling.
  4. The bumps disappear from the back of your arms.

Cons: – Product too expensive.


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Soap and Glory the Scrub of Your Life is the perfect day to day exfoliate to make use of in the shower, owing to its power to develop into a very good lather helping to wash thoroughly and clean. It acts as the best everyday body scrub and also as a body-wash as a result of its sweet mix of both floral and fruit fragrances. It does a wonderful job of keeping the skin hydrated all through the day. It likewise dry and clears up patches on the knees and elbow, and offers all-around softer, smooth, radiant and healthy looking skin.

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