The Yeon Canola Honey Polish Water

The Yeon Canola Honey Polish Water

Within the industry of facial beauty, the Yeon Canola Honey Polish Water is one of the most exciting and innovative products that I have tried. All Gel-like translucid and regenerating formulas are products that immediately catch my attention, but there is something extra special about the Yeon Canola Honey Polish Water.

What makes it so special?

Usually, dense and thicker moisturizing creams are extremely heavy for some skin complexions, especially oily skins such as mine. Therefore they end up producing adverse effects such as clogged pores and the dreaded “greasy” look.

However, the Yeon Canola Honey Polish Water wasn’t like that at all. Having ingredients such as zinc and vitamin B3 complex, it can fight acne-causing bacteria and still offer all the benefits of traditional moisturizing creams.

My experience with the Yeon Canola Honey Polish water:

What I like about the Yeon Canola Honey Polish water is that it’s a multipurpose product. This product works just fine to complete my nighttime routine without the cold water scrubbing part. I usually moisten a cotton circle with a single pump of the Polish water to remove all the residues and impurities that might have stayed after removing my makeup.

Next, I apply a second pump on my face for hydration. To help the formula penetrate, I apply it softly with my fingertips to prevent wrinkling or producing skin sagginess because of the repetitive friction. Once I’m done applying it, I wait for 15 to 20 minutes for the product to dry and go to sleep.

I know…The 15 to 20 minutes wait might be a setback when you are in a hurry, but what I usually do is work my way around it. For example, serving myself my first cup of coffee in the morning while I wait for my face cream to dry, or selecting the outfit I’m wearing that day. The benefits of the Yeon Canola Honey Polish water are worth it. Trust me on this one.


Because due to Its Chia extract and Honey content, the Polish water creates a nourishing barrier that infuses the skin with deep hydration and a soothing effect like no other I’ve seen. As if this weren’t enough, the Baobab seed extract has a high content of vitamin C that helps fight the solar damage, so it prevents the signs of premature aging, giving your face’s skin all the necessary nutrients to regenerate faster.

My conclusion:

Using a complementary product for skin care is never too much hassle. Softer skin, high-impact glow, and firmness are some of the marvelous effects of using the Yeon Canola Honey Polish Water I have seen so far. I will surely buy another bottle after my first one is empty… or better yet, make it 2.