15 Things Women With Perfect Skin Do Every Day

15 Things Women With Perfect Skin Do Every Day

If you want to look gorgeous and radiant, it’s essential to maintain routines and healthy habits for perfect skin. That’s why we have prepared a list with 15 things women with perfect skin do every day, so that little by little you get to incorporate these new habits into your daily routine and enjoy flawless skin without makeup.

  1. Drinking water: Drinking sufficient water each day, around six to eight glasses, not only helps you to eliminate toxins, but it will boost your energy and immune system.
  2. Apply sunscreen: Take care of your skin using products with 50 SPF sunscreen every day.
  3. They don’t smoke: Young looking people don’t smoke, why? Because the chemicals in a cigarette, as well as the repetitive facial gestures made when smoking, can cause premature skin aging.
  4. Also, go easy on the drinks: One of the effects of drinking alcohol is dehydration and, with it, skin and hair dryness.
  5. Be gentle: Your face’s skin, particularly the skin around the eyes, is very delicate. The next time you are applying makeup or washing your face, be gentle, you are not sanding a table, you should be delicately touching your face.
  6. Know your skin type: If you have dry skin and mistakenly use products purposed for oily skin you will vanish all your natural moisture. Likewise, if you have oily skin and use products for dry skin, you could wind up increasing oiliness.
  7. They cut down Carbs: Carbohydrates and processed sugars accelerate aging and the appearance of pimples, because they decrease collagen production and therefore reduce skin’s elasticity.
  8. Wash your face every night: Always! Makeup residues are the best way to accelerate skin aging and cause acne.
  9. Sleep tight: Sleeping helps to prevent aging and promotes cellular skin regeneration.
  10. Masks are indispensable: After only one application natural masks can enhance your skin’s beauty.
  11. Clean makeup tools: Dirty brushes and makeup sponges will not only accumulate product but bacteria that can cause acne.
  12. Keep a diet rich in vitamin C and E: to increase skin elasticity, and strengthen your hair and nails.
  13. Exercise: Maintaining an exercise routine helps speed up the cellular flow of nutrients, eliminates toxins and helps to control hormonal disorders.
  14. Ice treatment: Hot water removes all the natural oils of your skin causing dryness. However, applying cold water and ice to your face improves your blood flow.
  15. Exfoliate: Enjoy a softer skin exfoliating once a week to remove dead cells and stimulate skin renewal.


How To Use Honey To Get Glowing Skin

How To Use Honey To Get Glowing Skin

If you’re wondering how to use honey to get glowing skin, look no further. Used since ancient Egypt in Cleopatra’s beauty routines, honey is a natural remedy commonly present in all kitchens. Natural honey will not only help your skin glow and radiate, but due to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties it can also help you fight aging and acne.

What kind of honey I need to get glowing skin:

The natural honey, organically produced, in a cruelty-free bee farm is excellent for dermatological treatments. Industrialized honey undergoes chemical procedures that could decrease its natural properties.

Of course, there are many types of honey; even some are produced only with a specific kind of nectar. When using it for cosmetic purposes, try to focus on avoiding those with added sugars and other industrialized sweeteners.

Why honey is great for your skin

Natural honey has a complex composition rich in nutrients. It also contains enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and organic acids which provide therapeutic properties in all kinds of treatments. Dermatologically, the main benefits of honey are:

  1. Bactericidal: The presence of hydrogen peroxide, flavonoids, and phenolic acids makes it perfect to treat acne, heal burns and to exfoliate the skin.
  2. Antioxidant properties: Antioxidants are natural substances that prevent the formation of oxides, which slow cellular decomposition at all levels. Your heart, connective tissue, and your skin will benefit from honey in all its presentations and forms (but especially on top of pancakes).

How To Use Honey To Get Glowing Skin at home:

It’s easy! Put it on your freshly cleaned face! My personal favorite is using it in a homemade facial mask made mixing honey, oats and ground red apple. Apply it on your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Not only does it make your skin look glowy and fresh, but it also moisturizes and fights acne due to honey’s bactericidal and antiseptic effects.

For anti-aging effects take a brush and apply a tablespoon of honey mixed with egg white. Distribute it from your cleavage to your forehead, avoiding placing it around the eyes. 15 minutes later remove it using only cold water and neutral soap. Baby skin at home! Guaranteed!

We hope you have enjoyed all the benefits of using honey to get glowing skin. Do you want us to review other natural home remedies? Natural Facial mask recipes, or tips to prevent skin aging? Let us know in the comments! See you next time!


The Yeon Canola Honey Polish Water

The Yeon Canola Honey Polish Water

Within the industry of facial beauty, the Yeon Canola Honey Polish Water is one of the most exciting and innovative products that I have tried. All Gel-like translucid and regenerating formulas are products that immediately catch my attention, but there is something extra special about the Yeon Canola Honey Polish Water.

What makes it so special?

Usually, dense and thicker moisturizing creams are extremely heavy for some skin complexions, especially oily skins such as mine. Therefore they end up producing adverse effects such as clogged pores and the dreaded “greasy” look.

However, the Yeon Canola Honey Polish Water wasn’t like that at all. Having ingredients such as zinc and vitamin B3 complex, it can fight acne-causing bacteria and still offer all the benefits of traditional moisturizing creams.

My experience with the Yeon Canola Honey Polish water:

What I like about the Yeon Canola Honey Polish water is that it’s a multipurpose product. This product works just fine to complete my nighttime routine without the cold water scrubbing part. I usually moisten a cotton circle with a single pump of the Polish water to remove all the residues and impurities that might have stayed after removing my makeup.

Next, I apply a second pump on my face for hydration. To help the formula penetrate, I apply it softly with my fingertips to prevent wrinkling or producing skin sagginess because of the repetitive friction. Once I’m done applying it, I wait for 15 to 20 minutes for the product to dry and go to sleep.

I know…The 15 to 20 minutes wait might be a setback when you are in a hurry, but what I usually do is work my way around it. For example, serving myself my first cup of coffee in the morning while I wait for my face cream to dry, or selecting the outfit I’m wearing that day. The benefits of the Yeon Canola Honey Polish water are worth it. Trust me on this one.


Because due to Its Chia extract and Honey content, the Polish water creates a nourishing barrier that infuses the skin with deep hydration and a soothing effect like no other I’ve seen. As if this weren’t enough, the Baobab seed extract has a high content of vitamin C that helps fight the solar damage, so it prevents the signs of premature aging, giving your face’s skin all the necessary nutrients to regenerate faster.

My conclusion:

Using a complementary product for skin care is never too much hassle. Softer skin, high-impact glow, and firmness are some of the marvelous effects of using the Yeon Canola Honey Polish Water I have seen so far. I will surely buy another bottle after my first one is empty… or better yet, make it 2.