5 Ways Your Hair-Care Routine Should Change for Fall

5 Ways Your Hair-Care Routine Should Change for Fall

When transitioning from one season to another, the hair requires special care. Temperature changes should have an effect on your hair-care routine. Right at the beginning of fall, there are certain very basic things you can do to bring back the shine to your mane.

More Moisture

Fall is the time of year when the weather gets both colder and drier. That’s why you should amp up the moisture game. Achieve that superb shine and healthy look with extra products and care. Your best options are DIY hair masks, rich essential oils, moisturizing shampoos, and conditioners. It’s actually the same with the changes in your skincare routine. Once autumn comes, skin tends to look dull, flaky and dry. Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp. Add that extra hydration and you’ll see the changes immediately. Jojoba, mango, argan, coconut oils are all the perfect additions to your regimen.

Get A Trim

Never start a new season without a trim. The most basic step of the hair-care routine once autumn arrives is a fresh cut. This doesn’t mean that you have to make a dramatic change. On the contrary, cutting the damaged and split ends should do the job. During the summer, your hair is exposed to the damaging sun rays. By getting a trim, you will notice that your mane has gained back its natural shine.

Try A New Color

The highlights you got this summer already look faded away by the beginning of fall. In other words, it’s officially time for a new hair color. Most ladies tend to go darker as the days become colder. The warm red, copper, chocolate brown, rich black are just a part of the shades you can choose from. Plus, darker hues are much easier to maintain compared to light and bold ones. You can even get back to your natural tone, just add some extra shine to it. Blondes shouldn’t worry as well. They can always opt for the honey blonde or caramel hues that are flattering for literally any skin tone.

Invest In Natural Products

The better your products are, the longer your hair will maintain a glowing appearance. These natural alternatives often cost a bit more compared to rest, but it is completely worth it. It is a crucial step in the hair-care routine in autumn since this is a season when the hair requires extra help. You can always start with oils that come in affordable versions.

Use A Clarifying Shampoo

Remove all the product build-up with a clarifying shampoo. Bleaching, the use of sunscreen, sea salt, pool water, sun exposure, are just a part of the factors that can cause the roots to look greasy. Give the hairdo a boost by purchasing one of these shampoos.


11 Habits Of People With Healthy Hair

11 Habits Of People With Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is proof of a healthy lifestyle. If you are struggling with damaged, thin, and dry mane, there is still a lot you can do. Everyone dreams of that ideal voluminous hairstyle featured on shampoo commercials. With the help of these 11 simple habits, you will be one step closer to achieving the perfect amazingly-looking do.


Take Care Of Your Scalp

A lot of ladies forget that healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp. So, the first step in having a glowing mane is proper care of problems such as dandruff. Itching, redness, and flaky scalp are a few of the signs that you need to pay more attention to buying quality products. The best solution is to find a good shampoo that is natural and works best for your hair type.


Eat Enough Protein

Yes, your diet affects your hair as well. Getting enough protein is essential if you want a that strong, shiny hair you’ve always dreamed of. Include plenty of protein-rich foods and you’ll soon see the positive changes.


Get Regular Trims

Split ends are a sign of unhealthy hair. Don’t forget to schedule regular appointments at the hairstylist to get a haircut. Even if you are trying to grow it out, a minimal trim is recommended every six to eight weeks.


Heat Protectants Are Your Best Friends

If you use a blow dryer or any type of hot tool, you also have to use a heat protecting product.


Switch Up Products

This one is not a myth. Try experimenting with different products once in a while so that your hair doesn’t get used to the one you always have.


Invest In A Quality Brush

The tools you use to style your hair are just as important as the products. There are many brushes for different types, make sure to find the ideal one for yours.


Silk Pillowcase

All the celebrity hairstylists recommend sleeping on silk pillowcases as the most important habit for healthy hair.


Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo

There are plenty of sulfur-free shampoos you can choose from. Actually, sulfate is an ingredient that you have to stay away from since it removes the natural hydration of the hair.


Avoid Bleaching

Bleaching is one of the worst things you can do to your mane. If you still decide to do it, you will have to invest in an array of quality products.


Learn How To Brush Properly

Start out with a wide-tooth comb to untangle all the knots. After this, you can continue with a brush made of natural boar bristles and nylon. Proper brushing should be your day-to-day habit.


Scalp Massage

The scalp massage will improve the blood flow and bring more quality vitamins and minerals to the hair follicles.