Having dry skin in winter is practically inevitable… or is it? Today, we will tackle a list of tips based on the things experts always do for their skin when it’s cold outside to prevent the itchiness, flakiness and painful chapped lips that torment us especially during the holidays.

NOW! The full list with the things experts always do for their skin when it’s cold outside

When it’s cold outside, the first image that comes to a fashionista’s mind is a glamorous coat, snow falling beautifully from the sky and the eventual car freeze… Nevertheless, it’s a short time before our skin begins to show the effects of cold weather. Though our makeup may look flawless all day long, don’t forget to:

Moisturize your skin as if there were no tomorrow:

Although it is essential to maintain the oiliness of your skin under control during the rest of the year, adding a healthy extra layer of moisture during wintertime is one of the things experts always do for their skin when it’s cold outside. Why? Because cold windy days can irritate your skin. Also, the climate becomes drier and we turn on our home’s radiators, further reducing the environment’s natural humidity. Using dense extra-moisturizing creams can help our skin to retain its natural moisture.

Thou shalt constantly drink water!

Even if your body craves red wine, or hot cocoa with marshmallows, water is indispensable to go through winter looking fab. Maintaining beautiful looking skin is a task that starts from the inside out. It is useless to apply the best creams and treatments when you punish your body by dehydrating it.

Remember to exfoliate

Facilitating your skin’s regeneration will help prevent the effects of dead skin accumulation: dryness, blackheads and flakiness. That’s why you should maintain your daily exfoliating routine. Although winter isn’t the ideal season for long relaxing showers, keep exfoliating those dead cells away using products, soaps and exfoliating creams rich in lactic or salicylic acid.

Also, remember to cut down on harsh scented soaps that may end up causing more irritation to your skin. Speaking of which, NO HOT SHOWERS or BATHS. I know this can be daunting, but long hot showers remove all oiliness from your skin.


Even if the weather is cloudy, UV rays and free radicals are still there, lurking in the clouds to cause you fine lines and premature aging. Therefore it is essential to always to use products with SPF 50. Also remember to take vitamin C! It not only prevents colds, but also lines of expression.