The Yeon Pore clean Mud Tox Mask – Black clay with charcoal is another skincare product I desperately needed to try. Its formula contains two essential elements in my beauty routine: clay and activated charcoal. Do you know why those elements are so essential these days? Keep Reading!

The Yeon Pore clean Mud Tox Mask Ingredients:

Kaolin (30%)

One of the main ingredients of this formula is Kao-ling clay, also known as Chinese clay. This element with numerous properties has captivated westerner’s curiosity since the seventeenth century when it was used mainly in the production of porcelain. Today Kaolin is the base of beauty products, as its effects to balance skin’s oiliness are remarkable. But more importantly, it doesn’t generate skin dryness like many other types of clay.

The clay’s rich mineral content revitalizes the skin, reduces fine lines, exfoliates, is hypoallergenic and leaves your skin soft with just a weekly application. There are several colors of kaolin clay, each with unique benefits suited to different skin types and dermatological needs.

Charcoal Powder

Carbon has recently become popular in the cosmetic industry. The carbon used for cosmetic products is usually made from wood or coconut shells, which has been produced especially for skincare without chemical substances. Activated charcoal is used for teeth whitening, scrubs, hair products and, of course, face masks.

Why is it so popular? Because toxins, residues and everything else you don’t want accumulating over your skin or hair, clings to the activated charcoal, making it easier to get rid of all of those substances. That’s why it has become the trendiest alternative to cleanse and detoxify your skin. It also has several benefits and properties such as: preventing clogged pores, balancing oily skin, treating acne, and soothing sensitive skin.


It is a chemical compound known for its moisturizing and hydrating properties. It provides elasticity, facilitates skin’s renewal, and helps remove dead skin which prevents premature aging.

Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract:

It helps fight acne as it counteracts the excess oiliness on the skin, fights the premature aging action of free radicals and tightens your skin.

My experience using The Yeon Pore clean Mud Tox Mask – Black clay with charcoal:

I applied the Yeon Pore clean Mud Tox Mask – Black clay with charcoal to my cleansed face and let it sit for 20 minutes. As the minutes went by the mask started to dry and became darker -that was the activated charcoal doing its magic- The clay also became stiff, but that’s normal with this type of formulation. I removed the mask with lukewarm water and felt that my skin was deep cleaned, soft and glowing.

In the following days I felt as if my face was cleaner. Whole days went by and I could still feel my face as if I had just come out of the shower, and that’s a big plus when you’re trying to cut down on makeup products. In addition, the blackheads and dryness around my nose visibly decreased. The exfoliating effects of this mask are incredible! I will continue using this Kaolin formula until I see the bottom of the jar… and THEN I’I’LLGET ANOTHER ONE.