In honor of the 16th anniversary of Tree Hut, this limited edition scent edition was produced. Inspired by Lemon Blueberry Tart recipe of one of their customers, Tree Hut Limited Edition Lemon Blueberry Tart Sugar Scrub was infused with coconut oil, vanilla, and lemon. The delicious scent combination of lemon mixed with blueberries in a buttery, warm crust will give you that pleasant sense of satisfaction. Tree Hut’s formula gives you that deliciously soft feel with just a cup of sugar in every Lemon Blueberry Tart Sugar Scrub jar. It is suitable for sensitive skins and can be applied before shaving to get a cleaner shave. It’s easy to use and rinse out of the bathtub. The Tree Hut Lemon Blueberry Tart Sugar Scrub provides deep moisturizing effect and intense exfoliation, leaving your skin smooth and soft while offering powerful hydration. It is very appropriate for removing dead skin cells.

Product Description

Tree Hut Lemon Blueberry Tart Sugar Scrub is formulated with an array of natural oils which includes Sweet Almond, Safflower Seed, Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose, and also Shea Butter. It offers intense exfoliation that gives the skin a soft and smooth feeling. It has a nice lemon fragrance with a little addition of blueberry for the perfect scent. The finely granulated sugar gives the skin the needed moisturizing and exfoliation effect with no irritation whatsoever.

How to Use

Apply the product all over your body in the bathtub or shower, rub on your body in a circular motion. Leave it on for a while then rinse thoroughly. For smoother and softer skin, use the Tree Hut sugar scrub daily and consistently. Although, Tree Hut Limited Edition Lemon Blueberry Tart Sugar Scrub smell very nice and looks good enough for consumption, they are to be used strictly for externally. Once opened, the product should be used for 12 months only.

Product Review

Tree Hut Limited Edition Lemon Blueberry Tart Sugar Scrub earner a lot of positive feedback. A few of these feedbacks are highlighted below:

  • This product is wonderful. It has an absolutely amazing scent which lingers after a bath. It leaves a great feeling on my skin once I use it. The price is unbelievable for such quality. I am not the usual scrub-buying kind of person at a grocery store, especially something with a cakey or vanilla scent. But since the first moment I stumbled upon a friend using it and perceived of the aroma, I instantly fell in love with, and I’ve been using it since then.
  • This scrub for me has been very effective for use before shaving. It has a beautiful aroma and it is super affordable giving me so much value for a little amount of money. It rinses off so well and easily. This sugar scrub is a really nice product. I will surely continue to make repurchase for it. Apart from its wonderful smell, the product leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth. I make use of it many times in a week before and after shaving. It is really lightweight and works wonder on my skin.
  • This product is definitely my favorite body sugar scrub in recent times. Since it is limited edition, I keep repurchasing them (two or three at a time) almost immediately for fear of stoppage in production from the brand. It really does scent like a blueberry tart. I have made use of a number of their other scrub products but this one is just perfect for me! It is less scrubby and creamier than some sugar scrubs in drugstores.. Get one of this product while it is still available. I frankly recommend it!
  • I chose this product specifically for its scent. It gives a wonderful aroma and gives my skin a baby-soft feeling. I make use of this product in the bathroom once weekly and it leaves my skin smooth and moisturized. It is easy to find and affordable. After rinsing off, the smell remains although very light but pleasant and satisfactory.


  • Has a cake-baked scent that is very pleasant.
  • These scrubs leave the skin feeling smooth and soft.
  • It is affordable
  • It reduces ingrown hairs and razor bumps when applied before shaving.


  • It leaves the bathtub slippery.

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 Tree Hut makes wonderful scrubs and Lemon Blueberry Tart that are unrivaled. The product is also very affordable. It leaves the skin smelling sweet with a citrus-lemon-blueberry scent combination, and the fragrance extends to every part of the bathroom giving it all shades of aromatic deliciousness. The Tree Hut Limited Edition product has gained massive acceptance and as a result, the brand has continued its production making the product their permanent line. So you are guaranteed continuous satisfaction with no limitation whatsoever!